SOLAS DSMB Stickers (Small)


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Dive Signs SOLAS DSMB stickers.

SOLAS reflective tape is US Coast Guard approved and is used worldwide for the marking of marine safety equipment. These stickers are a very effective way to identify yourself to your surface cover/dive boat skipper during your ascent and deco, or on any dive requiring a surface marker buoy.

Lifeboats get called out to attend lone drifting DSMBs. In the UK it was requested that divers display a phone number as well as their name on their DSMB. A quick call could end an otherwise lengthy search for a potentially missing diver. To display your telephone number at the bottom of your SOLAS sticker please enter the number required in the text box.

To ensure your stickers fit in the space you have available please enter the maximum sticker length required (in mm) in the Sticker Length box. If left blank, the stickers will be the standard length for the text ordered. Please note that Sticker Length will only be altered to a smaller size than standard.


Our SOLAS stickers have strong self adhesive on the back but it cannot be 100% relied on to stick to a DSMB. We therefore recommend using Aquasure or a two-part adhesive (such as Beaver Aquabond or Stormoprene) which should be applied on top of the self adhesive. A thin layer of adhesive should be applied to the back of the stickers and on the surface of the DSMB. The DSMB must be clean and dry and deflated when fitting the sticker. For best results we recommend leaving the sticker for 24 hours after fitting to allow the glue to fully cure.


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