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Smart Emergency Stickers.

With our Smart Emergency Stickers you can provide comprehensive Emergency Contact Information to rescuers or emergency services, where it would not normally be possible. In Case of Emergency made easy!

The stickers have a built-in NFC tag which can be encoded using a free app on your smart phone. 

Constructed from our Coast Guard approved SOLAS retro reflective tape, which is very high visibility reflective and has strong self-adhesive. The stickers are laminated so are highly durable and are totally waterproof. Perfect for use in dive operations or any other water based activity.

Stick to your dive kit box, helmet, SUP board, kayak, open water swimming tow float, surf board, dry bags, life vests etc. There are many more applications such as construction safety helmets and motorbike helmets. The possibilities are endless!

We can encode the tag for you at no extra cost, but the process is quite straightforward.

Bulk order discounts are available.

Stand Out When It Counts!

Instructions for encoding the NFC tag:

ECI doc

Download the above Emergency Contact Information (ECI)  document onto your PC or device. (Note: You can use your own file if you prefer).

  1. Open the doc in Excel/Open Office etc. and add your personal Emergency Contact Information.
  2. Save the doc and then Export as PDF. (Note: It is not essential to export as a PDF but the document will look nicer when read on a smart phone in that format).
  3. Upload the newly created ECI.pdf file to your Google Drive (or other cloud based storage platform). Click share and make a note of/copy the file URL as it will be needed for step 6. Ensure the share settings for the URL are set to ‘anyone can view the file’ (iCloud does not allow you to  enable the correct permissions for the file, so iPhone users should use Google Drive instead).
  4. If not already done so, download a free NFC app onto your smart phone (e.g. NFC Tools or NFC Cool).
  5. Open the app and tap ‘Write’, then add a record
  6. Tap ‘Custom URL/URI’, and then copy and paste your ECI doc URL from your Google Drive into the given text box.
  7. Tap OK, and then tap ‘Write’
  8. Hold your phone over the tag, and your tag will encode. That’s it ! Android devices will read the tag without an app but iPhones may require an app to read and open the tag.

If you require assistance or are having some difficulty with the above process, please get in touch.



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