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Dive Signs DSMB Upgrade Stickers

For DSMBs, SMBs and lift bags that are factory fitted with a strip of plain SOLAS reflective tape. 

The stickers are sold in pairs, one for each side of your DSMB. Each plain black vinyl sticker comes with a piece of clear laminating film to fit over the top.

Simple to fit onto the factory fitted SOLAS tape and require no extra gluing.

Due to the smaller text size, these are not intended to be used for in-water diver identification by a dive boat crew or surface cover. For more effective in-water diver identification, use Dive Signs SOLAS stickers.

To ensure your stickers fit in the space you have available, please enter the maximum sticker length required (in mm) in the Sticker Length box.

Most manufacturers use 2” SOLAS tape. If yours is different, let us know in the custom requirements box.

Fitting Guide:

The factory fitted SOLAS tape must be cleaned with warm soapy water to remove any grease or salt deposits then completely dried. No washing is required on a new DSMB.

Completely deflate the DSMB and lay it on a flat surface.

Carefully remove the sticker backing paper so that the black vinyl text is left on the application tape. While keeping tension on the application tape, position the sticker on the SOLAS tape. You only get one go at this so make sure it is lined up level!

Because vinyl is pressure-sensitive, a squeegee or old credit card should be used for installation. The purpose of using a squeegee is to remove the excess air from behind the vinyl. You should start the squeegee from the middle and use a top to bottom motion until the sticker is flat on the SOLAS tape, then a firm left to right motion can be used. Allow the vinyl to set for 5 to 15 minutes.

Peel up one corner of the application tape then slowly peel it off, following the line of the sticker. The black vinyl text will then be revealed on the SOLAS tape strip.

You can then fit the supplied pieces of clear laminating film on top to protect the black vinyl. Don’t forget this step otherwise the black vinyl could detach in the water, which would be bad.


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