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Alien - Diver Identification Stickers (30mm - 45mm)

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These are seriously cool!!! I had the oppourtunity to dive on Saturday 2nd July 2016 out of Swanage. Conditions were rough, visibility around 5m and it was quite dark / green at 24m on the Kyarra. But with cylinders marked with the Alien stickers I never once lost track of my buddy and we were diving in a team of 4 all in twinsets and looking the same.

In the car I had seen the stickers glowing brightly, just like the picture on the website, so I can confirm this is not a photoshop / tweak, they are genuinely THAT bright.

On the wreck itself, the wreck was quite broken up so we didn't get the oppourtunity to penetrate and find some pitch darkness to see how brightly the stickers would glow in the water. But given how bright they were on the surface, if we were in a cave or an intact wreck, I would imagine this would be incredible.

What is really nice is that the stickers are not the usual level of reflectiveness which means when taking a photograph with a flash, or shooting video with video lights, the camera doesn't get blown out by the reflected light.

Another awesome product from Dive Signs!!
Date Added: 07/06/2016 by Chris Armstrong

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