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Reflective Sticker Removal

DIVE SIGNS reflective name and MOD stickers can be removed quickly and easily.

Tools required: Hair dryer or heat gun, a roll of wide (70mm or wider) masking tape, a squeegee (or something similar - old credit card or filler spreader), WD40, kitchen roll.


Heat the sticker with the hair dryer to soften the glue then peel up one corner. While still heating, carefully pull the sticker off.


You will be left with a patch of adhesive and possibly silver material on the tank/scooter etc.


Place a strip of masking tape over the adhesive and squeegee it flat with firm pressure. Heat the masking tape with the hair dryer then squeegee it again.


Now pull the masking tape off at a sharp angle and the silver/adhesive should come straight off the tank with the tape.


Any residue can be removed with the WD40.

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