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SOLAS Sticker Fitting Instructions

Dive Signs SOLAS stickers will stick to flat surfaces such as tanks, rebreathers, lights, scooters using only the self adhesive. 

For DSMB fitment, we have found the self adhesive not to be 100% reliable on every DSMB so recommend that the stickers are glued to the DSMB with a flexible repair adhesive (e.g. Aquasure, Aquaseal or Stormsure). Cotol-240 or a similar solvent product can be used to clean the DSMB surface prior to fitting and to clean up any glue. When glued on with Aquasure, you can have 100% confidence that the SOLAS stickers will not part company with your DSMB during deployment. 

  1. Make sure DSMB is cleaned, free from grease/salt deposits and dried.
  2. Deflate DSMB and lay it flat. Decide where you want to put the sticker then clean the area with Cotol-240 (or similar solvent product) on a cloth.
  3. Remove backing paper from sticker. The stickers are self-adhesive backed so your fingers will stick to it. The easiest way to remove the backing paper is to lay the sticker flat, peel up one corner of the backing paper, hold the sticker with a pen/pencil on the revealed sticky corner then fully remove the paper.
  4. Using the sticker backing paper as a size guide, apply a thin layer of Aquasure to the DSMB.
  5. Apply a thin even layer of Aquasure/Stormsure over the entire back of the sticker. Then apply the sticker to the DSMB. Firmly smooth out the sticker, from the centre out to the edges. Any excess glue can be wiped off with Cotol-240 on your cloth. Finish off by going all round the edge of the sticker with the Cotol-240 cloth to get a professional finish with no mess.
  6. Leave to cure over night.
  7. Go diving.
Aquasure, Aquaseal & Stormsure are available in most dive shops and online. Cotol-240 (should you chose to use it) is also available from some dive shops but can easily be found online. It is possible to buy a small pack containing both the glue and the solvent.

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