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Gas Analysis Stickers

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Dive Signs reusable Gas Analysis Stickers. The stickers are printed and laminated to produce a very durable, long lasting surface to record your gas analysis data. Once in place on you tank the stickers can be used many times.

Fitting: When fitting to the neck of a cylinder the sticker should be gently heated with a hairdryer so any bubbles/kinks/creases can be smoothed out with your finger (Take care not to burn yourself with the hairdryer). Heating is not required when fitting to a flat surface.

Gas analysis data should be written on the sticker using a permanent marker pen.

When you next fill your tanks the old permanent marker ink can be effortlessly removed using a dry/whiteboard marker pen. Simply go over the top of the permanent marker ink with the dry marker then wipe off. Alternatively the permanent marker ink can be removed with a squirt of hairspray or with a small amount of alcohol hand rub/sanitizer (look for one with a high Ethanol content of 70%), wipe off the ink residue and the sticker will be ready for your next gas mix details.

Gas Analysis Sticker  

Gas Analysis Stickers

Gas Analysis Stickers


Gas Analysis Stickers - 6 Sticker Set

Gas Analysis Stickers - 6 Sticker Set


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